Programmer Life Funny Video


Absar Akram

Published on Sept 6, 2013

A funny video showing programmer's routine life. I hope you'll enjoy


Carol Mercau    One year ago
This is so accurate it hurts.
sh4dowde    One year ago
The fix comes in your mind in the middle of the night, 2 seconds right bevore you fall asleep.
Lucas Souza    One year ago
That's what you deserve for caring more aboute programming languages than programming logic.
Void Chicken    One year ago
He missed a bracket the second time he fixed the code.
AllMightyNimore    One year ago
this happens to me on every project i true lol!!
Elbert John Felipe    One year ago
can someone remind me where the sound at the end is from? sorry i'm so forgetful. tnx
Adel nehikhare    One year ago
Slyson Legodi    One year ago
hahaha.. nice one mate
StarTrek123456    One year ago
my life in a nutshell
fergy on the PC    One year ago
Too true :(